Community News

*** Irrigation Pump System Off for Repair - The community irrigation pumps are currently turned off awaiting a repair by our vendor. No date for repair has been determined however the vendor is aware the system is inoperable.

*** Bradenton Marauders Baseball Game, August 25, Community Night - The Bradenton Marauders has invited The Harborage residents to attend Community Night at LECOM Park, on Saturday, August 25, 2018, the last game of the season against the Dunedin Blue Jays. Tickets are $10 and include a Marauders hat and 32 oz. souvenir fountain drink. Fireworks will follow the game. Click the link for more info and tickets: Marauder Tickets.

*** ALLIGATOR MOVING AND MATING SEASON - It is alligator moving and mating season in Florida for the next few months. Several residents have reported alligators crossing our community streets, in their yards, near storm drains and ponds, and on the nature trails. Remember it is illegal (and dangerous!!) to feed or harass an alligator. Click here for the Living With Alligators Brochure

*** CLUBHOUSE AVAILABILITY AND EVENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE - Are you wanting to know if the clubhouse is available for a community or private event or if there are any upcoming events? All clubhouse reservations can now be viewed on the Events page of our website. Just click on EVENTS at the top of any page at

*** POOL/SPA AREA HOURS ARE NOW DAWN TO DUSK - In order to be in compliance with Florida Law (F.A.C. 64E-9.008) the pool and spa hours changed due to insufficient lighting as required by law for night swimming. The pool and spa hours have changed to DAWN to DUSK, Due to the changing status of these hours on a monthly basis, the hours will be posted near the pool/spa area entry gate as well as on the website (Click here for hours Dawn to Dusk Pool & Spa Hours). The entrance to the pool/spa area and security monitoring will follow these posted hours. New lighting to be compliant is currently in progress. Anyone needing more information may contact Tony Gipe, CDD Operations Manager.

*** OBSERVATION-FISHING PIER CLOSED DUE TO DAMAGE - The damage to the pier is being evaluated by repair/replacement vendors. The repair/replacement of the pier is not a simple fix. Therefore, it has been and will continue to be a time consuming process. The pier remains closed until further notice. For your safety please do not go beyond the blocked pier entrance. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. (Updated 10/21/2017)

*** SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS FROM MANATEE COUNTY - Want to receive emergency notifications from Manatee County? Sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to receive notifications from government and public safety officials. You will receive CodeRED alerts for emergency updates such as evacuation notices, boil water advisories, weather warnings, and hazardous traffic or road conditions. You can opt to receive notifications by phone call, text or email. This is especially needed if you do not have a published phone number, use a cell phone number from out of state, or want to receive notifications in various ways. Click here for more information CodeRed Registration

*** PLEASE OBEY THE 20 MPH SPEED LIMIT AND STOP SIGNS - Exceeding the 20 MPH speed limit on our community streets continues to be a problem. Close calls involving both vehicles and pedestrians have been reported. All residents and their guests are expected to observe the 20 MPH speed limit and STOP at the posted stop signs. Help keep our streets safe for everyone. (Posted 7/10/2017)

*** HELP TO ENSURE A SAFER HARBORAGE COMMUNITY. Every day a large number of visitors enter our community that are not listed on any resident visitor list. This does not include vendors, postal service, cable companies, and other regular service providers. All residents are urged to update your MyEnvera account with your regular visitors and ask your visitors to use your account to access our community. Also please do not provide your visitors alternate ways to access our community. A safer community is everyone's responsibility. If you are unable to access your MyEnvera account please contact Envera Systems at 1-877-936-8372. (Updated 4/25/2017)

*** PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG(S). Mallory Square Park is being used regularly by residents for outdoor activities. It has been noticed that some residents are not cleaning up after their dog(s) within the park and nearby areas. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to ensure a clean and pet-friendly community. A dog clean up station is located directly outside the park entrance for your convenience. (Posted 2/8/2017)

*** RESERVATIONS FOR PRIVATE USE OF THE CLUBHOUSE. All scheduling for private use of the clubhouse will now be through the CDD Operations Manager, Tony Gipe. Contact Tony at or (941)727-5500 or (941) 650-2780. You can review the clubhouse use requirements, capacity, limitations, and other information in the Clubhouse Private Event Use Agreement under Community Documents. The pool/spa area, grill and grill porch, and pool cabanas cannot be reserved and may not be used for private events. Those areas are for residents only and up to 4 guests on a first come first served basis. (Posted 1/13/2017)

*** LITTER. Much to the dismay of many in the community, the act of littering has become a problem, particularly in the clubhouse area. Please respect, and ask your guests to respect, the attractiveness of our community. Make sure that all trash goes into the proper receptacles or is taken home to dispose of on your own. As usual, thanks goes out to our residents that appreciate and help keep The Harborage the beautiful community that it is.

*** POOL PERIMETER MATERIAL. Because this is a rubberized material, please be very careful as you move any of the pool furniture near the pool. Always avoid dragging the furniture across the ruberized material, as it has been know to not hold up to that type of treatment like the concrete that makes up the rest of the deck. Thanks for you consideration in this matter.

*** NO GLASS IS ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA! There is a very strict rule about no glass in the pool area. Please respect the residents of our community and follow the rules. They are there for a reason. Thank you to the majority of our residents that do understand and abide by the rules that are in place for the safety of all.

*** GATORS IN THE POND. All residents should be conscious that we have alligators residing in some of our ponds. In particular, the eastern most pond on Duval Street. Since we live in an environment where we know alligators are present, everyone should be wary of the fact that a gator could be on the shoreline by the sidewalk, even though that's not their normal spot, and be cautious of that area at all times. Unless provoked in some manner, it is a rare occurance for an alligator to become a nuisance. However, if at any time you feel that there is a large alligator posing a threat to you and/or your pet, please contact the CDD management and they will evaluate the situation and act accordingly. Here is a link that will lead you to a fact sheet about alligators: Living with Alligators

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